Lilliput of Rutherglen

Red Wines

Merlot : strongly dark red in colour, which is unusual for Merlot, showing that the grapes were harvested at their optimum ripeness, this wine has the full varietal flavours of berries and cherries complemented by soft vanilla French oak characters, from barrel maturation, intermingling to produced a lingering fruit driven finish.

$ 16.00 / bottle

Cabernet / Merlot : this is the second vintage of this particularly successful blend of 70% Cabernet and 30 % Merlot. This wine shows how well the currents and complexity of Cabernet can be enhanced and made more palate appealing by the soft rich berries characters of Merlot.

$ 12.50 / bottle

Cabernet : our heavier soils produce this wonderful varietal wine, intensely dark red in colour and the aromas of boysenberries, raspberries and hints of black currents. The lack of irrigation water during ripening has resulted in this wine having a rich intensity that has been balanced during making to produce a wine that can be enjoyed now and develop in the bottle over the next three to five years.

$ 16.00 / bottle

Cabernet / Syrah : Beautifully dark red in colour, full of rich fully ripe berry flavours; this is the blend that allowed Australian winemakers to conquer all by ensuring the wine always retains its fruit characters. Two years of barrel maturation has provided that touch of vanillin oak to complex the lingering fruit finish.

$ 12.50 / bottle

Shiraz or as per label SYRAH (French): dark red in colour and totally fruit driven in character, this medium bodied Shiraz has been matured in French and American oak barrels. The balanced integration of tannins, berry fruits and oak flavours will make this wine a joy on a lazy afternoon or at dinner with friends.

$ 16.00 / bottle

Petit Verdot -: this relatively unknown variety from the Bordeaux area gives a fully flavoured wine. There are only about a thousand acres of this variety in Australia, of which we have four acres. The grapes ripening later than Cabernet and are smaller in size with even thicker skins, this allows these grape to produce a full bodied finely structured wine of the darkest red colour, full of forest berry flavours. Due to its popularity and demand we have release the 2004 vintage as soon as it was ready.

$ 18.00 / bottle

Late Harvest Syrah: a semi-sweet, dark red wine made from late picked syrah grapes; the delayed harvesting has allowed the grapes to more fully develop complex fruit flavours that are balanced by integrated tannins from the grapes.
SERVED CHILLED with any food or on its own.

$ 16.00 / Bottle

Fortified Wines

Gullifers Ghost: This concentrated dessert style wine reminds of apricots and peaches, sweet with a dry, crisp finish.

$ 35.00 / 750ml bottle